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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

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UFO Sighting in San Diego, California on 2017-07-29 04:41:00 - Captured video recordings of an aerial object appearing on consecutive mornings and photographed digital images of craft projecting an unmistakable "crowned face" encompassing its halo.

On saturday, 7/29/17 at 4:41am pst, as if out of nowhere i noticed a fiercely glowing object from my glass-walled home office windows. living on the 15th floor of a high-rise in downtown san diego affords my family spectacular city views and on an intermittently clear early morning like last saturday this object was unequivocally visible. heading outside onto our south-facing balcony, i was able to capture some remarkable pictures and video although i was only using my iphone 6 as i don’t own any proper photography equipment. of particular significance, i was able to simultaneously record both the object and a commercial airliner on its westbound arrival path into lindbergh field from 4:53am-4:59am pst. although the plane did not seem to respond to any advised deviation from air-traffic control during its normal course, it's runway approach was not very far to the south of the object and it eventually passed underneath the object's stationary elevation prior to landing. for any downtown san diego resident with regular visibility of arriving flights, it's nearly always customary to see multiple planes landing in staggered groups of two to three or more, yet after the initial red-eye arrival there were no subsequent incoming aircraft. i'd be eager to learn from faa records if any post-5:00 am pst arriving flights were diverted or delayed as a result of the object's presence considering the extremely high probability that the pilots viewed the object for many miles before and during their descent. prior to the object's astonishingly rapid ascent out of view, i took several 1-3 minute video clips and also a couple dozen pictures from 4:41am-5:31am pst that i’m confident are worthy of taking the time to view and scrutinize. as for the morning of 7/30/17, this is where i got much more than i bargained for. as a casual follower of dr. steven greer's contributions to the ufo community, i recall reading once how he used coherent thought to manifest the presence of eti's and so i half-jokingly decided i'd give it a shot the next morning, not thinking with any genuine expectation whatsoever that something would come of it. throughout the entire next evening while burning the midnight oil working on corporate contracts (yes, i'm a white collar stiff unfortunately), i attempted to allocate conscious thought towards that same object appearing in the same location at the same time. to my bewilderment at 4:18am pst on 7/30/17, i began witnessing another aerial object with identical characteristics in the same location. what occurred and i was able to document on 7/30/17 from 4:18am-5:27am pst has candidly made me quite uncomfortable ever since but i feel compelled to share it. as i was viewing and recording the object i began experiencing a heightened physiological response, but unique to me, it was coupled with a strong dulling of my motor skills. moving past my fear, i started to sense some kind of palpable connection with the object and reciprocal communication directly with it via mental energy and nonverbal messaging. on 7/30/17 at 5:14am pst after several minutes of singular focus on my request that the object "show me something special", the object tilted vertically and projected an unmistakable "face" encompassing its halo which, thankfully for my own sanity's sake, i was to photograph. the "face" appears to perhaps be wearing a crown with 4 or 5 points atop a very wide face with large, round cheeks, a broad nose, dark but non-threatening eyes and of all things, a broad slit-smile. as the sun began to rise over the east county foothills, the object remained highly visible in half-lit sky and i continued taking pictures for another 13 minutes before retiring to bed, still completely awestruck but very grateful i was able to document what i'd witnessed.

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Credit: MUFON

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