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Thursday, August 10, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Chester, Virginia on 1988-09-14 20:15:00 - Ball of light travels in a line, stops and goes another direction.

My friends and me went to germany to compete in this disc golf tournament. we left in the evening but it was still light outside. i was lying in the back of the car checking out the nature thinking about this tournament. my friends were in the front talking about disc golf and such. i am looking over the horizon when i see this light in the distance. first thought i had, helicopter. it wasn't high up somewhere in the sky, it was at that level an helicopter would fly. if i had to guess... around 200 meters. i thought it was an helicopter because the only thing i saw was a ball of light.I thought; they are looking for somebody but that made no sense at all because this chopper went over land and water and fields... but this chopper/light/ball, did not change course at all...It just kept of flying towards us. but we were driving on the highway...I have no clue how fast it went but it took awhile to get to us. not really to us but up in the sky towards our direction. then it stopped. sat there for 20 seconds and just when i wanted to ask my friends what the hell is that, it went another direction(90 degrees) but really fast and poof, it was gone. right then i was baffled and that doesn't happen very often ;-) i am high gifted...I know stuff ;-) we do not have planes or choppers or anything flying that can disappear within a second out of eyes view. so i am pretty sure that what i saw was not from this earth. and now we are 30 years later and still have no clue what i saw that evening.

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Credit: MUFON

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