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Sunday, September 3, 2017

New 2015 UFO Sighting

UFO Sighting in Connecticut on 2015-09-21 07:45:00 - Large boats metal constructs

I have had many vivid dreams in the past. i was in a very vivid dream. i was in a cave system, looking for things on the ground. all of the sudden, i got pulled into an underwater tunnel. when i emerged, i assure you, i was not in a dream anymore. when i surfaced, i felt cold, i was in water. my clothes were wet, i was panting but fully in control of my actions. there was a wooden dock in front of me, probably 5ft x 600?Ft. it was dark wood, unlike earth. it was porous and had a strange texture much like if a sponge was citified and very hard. it was an ocean world. as far as the eye can see in any direction it was water. on the horizon i saw 2 suns. one was large and one was dark orange and to the top right corner of the other. i was helped up on to the dock by what i believe was a gray alien. the 'eyes' were concave, with no eyeballs, eyebrows, or lashes. only skin covered them. the 'nose' was just 2 small thin slits, about the thickness of a pennie. and there was no mouth, also covered in skin. their skin was abrasive, and a light shade of gray, however, covering their skin were dark gray trapezoids of skin, much like birth marks but all over and about the size of a babies hand. this includes on the face. the one that pulled me up acknowledged me, but instead of talking, he would lean his head close to mine. when he did this my head and brain felt warm/hot, and i would just have an understanding of what it was trying to communicate. i knew he was telling me to look behind me, and i did. what i saw were about 40 'dingy' boats of people coming to the dock, just like me. it dawned on me then. this was definitely real, because i got chills. i was fully aware of everything, i was making thoughts and connecting them, and nothing was happening against my will. everything i wanted to do i could. i felt the air, i smelt the air. and what really stood out, was i had a taste on my tongue. i believe people including myself were being sedated, and put under a strong hallucinogenic, to make us see boats instead of spacecraft. i believe this entity targeted me, because i fell off a dingy and swam to the dock myself, because when i looked up i saw a great ship docked maybe 300 yards from me. it was a grand sail boat, but instead of sails, i was long antennae, that were intricately connected with blinking parts. i was quickly directed otherwise. he was walking with me along the dock, that connected to others. 2 others came to me and walked behind me. they stopped at a certain part of the dock and the main one looked at me. i can't remember everything he was communicating to me, but it had to do with the stars, and the suns. he knew i was overwhelmed and was not grasping it, so he took another approach. he taught me how their race greets one another, before i was departed back to earth. he took his right hand, palm towards his chest, and went from straight arm to bent to touch his palm to his chest. then he came out about 10 inches, and closed his hand, touched his chest again, and then reached out toward me slowly opening the hand. they then escorted me quickly into what was once a ship was not a large scale dome building. it was yellowish in color with guards holding gold cylinders objects as some form of defense. i was getting tired, and was brought through about 4 different passages and hallways until i ended up in a room with 3 of them. they were all sitting in chairs reading books from a bookshelf around a bed. i laid in the bed, and i was trying so hard to know how they were communicating. i was wishing that i would be able to feel that warm feeling one last time, to get the overwhelming understanding one more time. when i fell asleep, i fell into another dream, just how you would at home. this dream was so different i almost don't remember it. when i was waking up i was in a small space pod, rocketing towards earth. i spent about 5 human seconds in the pod before i landed. when i was awake now in my bed, i was in an entirely different position with no covers on me. i was in sleep paralysis for about 15 seconds before i was able to get up. i was so intrigued about the experience i ran to my laptop and wrote everything down explicitly. an hour later my laptops circuit board fried completely, and my composition was lost forever. it has been two years since then, and i still remember every feel, eerie vision, and what was being communicated. i feel like i need to reach out to people and explain this because people need to know.

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Credit: MUFON

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