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Saturday, September 23, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Barnsley, on 2017-03-31 11:11:00 - Stationary objects unaffected by weather/atmosphere

I was at work sat at my desk. it was the first real warm spring day we'd had of 2017 and also a friday morning so a combination of nice warm weather and the anticipation of the weekend and the end of winter had me and everyone else at work that day in good spirits. even though it was still quite a blustery/breezy day with patchy cloud, the sun was out and i could feel it's warmth through the window directly in front of me - something i'd not felt since mid october 2016. i am quite an aviation geek so the reasonably clear skies were giving me the perfect opportunity to spot air traffic. i looked to up to my right (south,south west) and noticed 2 objects stationary and hovering - quite a distance and altitude from where i was. after a short observation, i realized they weren't helicopters as they had no appenditures or rotors or visible form of propulsion - and were a solid disc/ord/ball shape. i then thought they may be weather balloons but maintained a constant fixed position and were uneffected by the wind/breeze that was moving the clouds around them. they drifted slightly further apart then closer together but maintained the same high altitude and distance from me. i alerted my colleague sat to at the desk to my left - i picked up my iphone 7 and started taking their pictures (i have quite a few pictured of them) - i then moved from the ground floor of and up to the next floor to get a better look through the larger windows at the top of the stairs - i then captured a 30 second video. my next step was to proceed back to my desk to grab a samsung camera with a lot better zoom capability and go outside into the open - so now with samsung camera and iphone in hand, me and my colleague as headed outside to get a better view, however the objects were now obscured by cloud. we waited around about 5 minutes for the cloud to pass but the objects had gone. i have on my phone the 'flightradar24' app and there were no aircraft in their immediate vicinity - where i work is very close to the take off and approach flight path for manchester airport. the only flight in the area was an air austria embrear which we had to the east on approach to manchester airport which passed right above us whilst we were outside trying to spot the objects. the objects are definitely unidentified to myself and my colleague and if they were man made are not of standard propulsion or shape. the way they were unaffected by their surroundings (weather/clouds) and their ability to move apart and closer to each other suggested they were under intelligent control - however i am still sceptical of what i saw and i'm unconvinced that it is evidence of a space fairing race of aliens.

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Credit: MUFON

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