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Saturday, September 23, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Blackstock, Ontario on 2017-08-14 05:05:00 - I have no recolection of shooting this footage and why would i stop it there?

Aug 14/2017 why does this keep happening?????? i would love to hear a logical explanation on these encounters? starting to get a bit unnerving to say the least i with my buddy riding our motorcycles out to hamilton ontario canada while there we took a couple of pictures which i remembered taking the hamilton steel plant was the last photos of the night which were fluky weird . we rode to oshawa together then i proceeded home to blackstock which is an extra 30 min ride n/e into the rural farmland area where i assumed i went straight to bed as it would of been 5 ish in the morning. because i knew what was on my camera i wasnt in a hurry to look so aug 16 i decided to dump all photos onto computer which was when i found one more video that i had no memory of taking .So i proceeded to watch it and was in shock to see the contents ,then the questions started in my head ,why cant i remember and most pf all why would i stop shooting video at this point? after all the encounters and thousands 0f dollars i spent on camera gear ,why stop shooting there ? . in the video my take was this craft was as tall as it was long and when it lights up on the bottom they almost look like windows because of the definition of the separate sections ,if they were just lights wouldn't they all blend ? as crazy as this sounds i have had at least 10 -15 encounters and probably more as im losing count now and all since june 24 2017 which i will be reporting all as i get through them my mufon reports to date # 84617 #86747 #86744 and now know of 21 people whom seen ufo's in my area this past summer keep in mind we live smack dead center of 2 nuke plants within 10 miles apart do these plants have anything to do with ? they found decapicated livestock that no one knows how they got there which were steps away from nuke plant at the same time i captured lots of my footage with crafts over pickering nuke plant which has a no fly zone policy. is it just a coincidence? search url pickering decapitated livestock

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Credit: MUFON

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