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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Ontario on 2017-09-18 21:34:00 - Too fast for satellite /plane/iss. variations seen over 3 nights, incl boomerang stars, white stars flying in / out from main object

1. i was at my residence in the backyard on the deck, waiting for my dog to come back from bio break. there was one light bulb 60w lit, otherwise in darkness, sky was clear, no breeze. there is no haze, pollution, or structural interference with view of the sky, the stars are always clear and numerous in this area. when the dog returned, i let it in the house but turned off the exterior light and i went back outside to the deck to continue observing. 2. i always look at the stars at night, my residence has a wide unobstructed view of the sky. i noticed irregular movement of what i thought was a star at first. 3. i thought it was a star until i observed the irregular movement and random light pulse 4. the irregular light twinkling appeared to go from white to reddish, and the light seemed to waver in place, sometimes in a circular motion, sometimes in acute angles, occasionally large leaps in a straight line (field of vision maybe 1cm with arm extended, which would translate into a great distance given its altitude, but i'm not a mathematician). over the course of several sightings within one week at approximately the same time range (21h30 to 23h30 est), the light(s) generally flickered, had unpredictable movements -circular within a defined range, or path then acute jumps to different trajectory and return to straight line, or hovering with satellite light flickers migrating to and from what appeared to be a large solid shape (possibly triangular or boomerang), or an impossibly fast straight line which could not be accomplished by any human-made projectile that i am aware of... also, in each case, no accompanying noise, however i believed this could be due to the altitude. 5. feelings: "wtf is that???" i remained in place on each occasion, repositioned myself to view the anomaly from different angles, tried using one vs both eyes, and went through a mental checklist of any plausible human-made explanation. mentally, i could not associate the observations with satellites, iss, planes or other aircraft. i felt curious, fascinated, and somewhat apprehensive. i wondered if "they" saw me there, or knew if i was watching. that thought drove me indoors -twice while the phenomenon was ongoing, but once after the fast-moving object raced out of my field of view. i tried researching online to find logical explanations, but ultimately could not accept the sightings as satellites, satellite flares, aircraft such as planes/choppers/balloons, or iss. the phenomenon seems to be increasing in frequency and variety over the past year (when i first noticed these strange moving lights in the sky).

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Credit: MUFON

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