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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Corpus Christi, Texas on 2017-08-25 01:30:00 - Landed in street in front of husband and i during height of hurricane harvey

hurricane harvey was occurring the evening of august 25th, 2017. the power was off, the winds were hitting the west side of our house, we were hot due to no air conditioning, so we opened our living room windows and front door, east side of our house...There was no rain or high winds coming inside from this east side. all we could do was sit and ride out the hurricane...We sat and watched the neighbors pecan tree bending and whipping in the high winds and gust. around 1:30am or so, as we sat in the dark of our living room watching the storm increase in intensity, all the sudden i heard a very deep hum. i started to say 'what is that deep humming noise?' at that same moment, appearing before my eyes was an object descending down to the middle of our vacant street. it appeared almost as wide as the street as best i could tell being dark and storming outside. in spite of the tremendous winds and rain roaring outside, i heard this hum. i thought at first i was seeing a tow truck or something, but that made no sense for it was the wrong shape and lighting. this object appeared round, flattish, one red light on top which turned into multiple red lights, an led glowing white type light that encircled the entire circumference of this craft. as the craft descended to ground level, it slowly began moving to our right. as it moved right, the white circumference light appeared to starburst like, glow into a flash, it's a bit hard to describe...A brilliant flash. i immediately began looking thru our front door expecting to see something. i saw the leading[?] edge of this thing as it flashed a brilliant white light, then i saw what looked like sparklers set off....A roman candle/firework type display. i guess as this thing was disappearing in the manner it left, it shot out sparks. the sparks were rectangle, brilliant white edged in brilliant gold and curly cued. all i could think at this point was 'those sparks are on the far side and near side of that utility pole, i hope it doesn't catch fire'. funny, since it was storming outside. the sparks appeared to shoot up and away from the brilliant white light then gently fall, twisting as they fell....Like very delicate confetti...It was quite beautiful! i truly believe this was an emission of some type as this thing disappeared. this craft simply disappeared before our eyes almost as fast as it appeared. the craft did not appear to be affected in any way by the high hurricane force winds and high wind gust occurring. i have seen several things 'unexplained' during my 60 years of life. in my back yard too, about 21 or 22 years ago, my husband witnessed this also. i have always been skeptical of people saying they see multi-color lights on these things, though being a believer myself. but i now believe in the multi light theory too, because this thing had what appeared one red light on top then it multiplied into several red lights. there was nothing in that street after the intense flash, no vehicle of any kind. i sat bewildered, as my husband. my brain was desperately trying to grab what i was seeing and make sense of it...But it couldn't, because it's not something i recognized. we have no trees in our front yard, our view was unencumbered. as fearful as i was sitting through this horrible hurricane, i remained intrigued by what we had just witnessed. my husband did not see the detail i did. he was not looking in that direction at that moment, and it did not last long. but he did indeed see the flash of the circle light. thank you for reading this. it is true.

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Credit: MUFON

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