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Friday, September 15, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Macy, Indiana on 1998-09-01 00:00:00 - Blimp object over neighbor's house

This took place when i was a child. i am unsure of the specific year: 8-10; 1998-2000. had to be august-september as the crops were down, and the morning air was 50-60 degrees f. no wind. i remember being a bit uncomfortable in shorts. saturday. i was riding my bike down 1050 n heading west toward us 31 on a return journey. i noticed what looked exactly like a blimp in everyway minus undercarriage, rudders, or logos. so, only the "balloon" part of a blimp. it was massive, chrome, reflected light with a bright glare coming from its right side, it was, seemingly, directly above my neighbor's home on the corner of old us 31 and 1050 n about 1500 ground feet away. can't judge the altitude, could have been collasal up high or large down lower. the ends were facing sw to ne from "left to right." the sky was completely clear blue, not even sparse little clouds. the moon was still visible. i watched the object with fascination, drinking it in thinking it was a blimp, as i had never seen a blimp before. i watched it for what felt like forever to see it move so i could make a guess as to where it may be heading, but sat motionless. i never saw the thing move an inch. the glare only changed in respect to my movement, if that makes sense. i took my eyes off the object for a few moments (less than a minute) as i was approaching my home. when i looked back, the object had completely vanished. i did not hear a noise, i did not see it in the horizon, i did not see it vanish. i took no turns and i was surrounded by open, empty indiana fields with nothing that could obstruct my view. again, no clouds (do blimps go high enough for clouds?). living another 10 years at this home, i never saw a real blimp or this blimp-like object again. nor am i aware of a reason why a blimp would be in textbook "nowhere, indiana," or, if it was a blimp, how it could disappear from view so quickly when it was close enough for me to see some details in the metal of the craft. it is also worth mentioning that i would have noticed the object when i departed home and i was only allowed less than a mile down the road so i should have seen the craft's approach, if it was a blimp. talking with my him years later, my father reported seeing the same object (though he described it as cigar shaped) much closer outside our same house. unclear when he saw it; he's passed now. he was able to see window-like holes and described "circut board" like inlays in the metal work. unfortunately, i have no pictures, but look up the "goodyear blimp" and remove all passenger carriage, rudders, and logos. that's the best description of this object. at a proxity of a blimp above a major sporting event. finally, to add a less tangible element to the story, it was highly irregular for me to get up that early on a saturday, my parents hadn't been up yet, i was generally restless, and wanted to get out of the house. it was an odd morning mentally, this, combined with seeing the object, has created a very vivid flashbulb memory of this morning.

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Credit: MUFON

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