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Sunday, September 17, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Delhi, Delhi on 2017-09-17 20:27:00 - Pillar like shape

Today (17sept2017)at 8:00pm ist i and my wife were sitting on the terrace and staring stars (observing their shapes which are in equilateral triangle shape) suddenly, i noticed two bright lights moving in a direction across the equilateral triangle shape stars. and within a minute the light vanished. i've never seen nor heard flying pillar shape object in sky. the lights were steady and a size of star. the speed of the object was uniform. and in around 30-40seconds it was seen (the lights were bright when near the stars, but it became low when moved forward and suddenly vanished). i guess, that object was very very big in shape it was at great height. its lights size were as shape of star. i was telling my wife to see that moving object but her eyes didn't see it. it was there for 30-40seconds but she didn't see it. i was normal, nothing unusual happened. i'm writing this because maybe someelse has also seen this incident. following is the pictorial representation for your better understanding. north^ *(star) *(light) *(star) >east | | * | (star) | * (light) south

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Credit: MUFON

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