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Thursday, September 14, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Vacaville, California on 1999-03-24 21:03:00 - Since then i vision things that are to come to past

I was about the age of 18 to 22 i walked outside to take the trash out and i felt like something was watching me following me i look around the area and notice nothing so i turned to walk back to the house as i turned to walk back i see a light in the form of a ring an oval shaped ring very bright orangish reddish type of colors as i notice it it appears to come closer to me i get scared i run behind the car hiding as i'm hiding i'm telling it to leave me alone. i then peek out to see where it's at as i'm picking i noticed that it's ahead of me now it appears to be some distance away and i'm looking as i'm looking it feels like it's looking back at me as i went to one area it seems to go that way as i run back to the other way it it's back at the other side following me i start to cry i'm in fear and panic i'm trying to yell in hopes that somebody in the house to hear me 2 come out and my mind i feel as if they can hear me and i can feel myself speaking out calling them but it says nobody can hear me it feels like 30 minutes at the most went by and i stay out there in fear and hope sick somebody comes nobody does i roll under the car and hide after some time i peek my head out and i don't see it no more and i ran into my house since that has happened to me i had times and able to predict things in my family that are going to happen or in people's lives and i know i will dream about it or i will have a vision of what is to come and i feel like that experience something happened to me and i don't know what

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Credit: MUFON

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