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Saturday, September 23, 2017

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UFO Landing in Las Vegas, Nevada on 2014-01-03 15:05:00 - Like star track made of concrete with windows crashed landed on roof

Oh my god it bumped into something” “”oh my god it’s a roof top made of concrete and magnificent craftsmantry. clean crisp line of fine concrete.” “oh my god, i am stuck in the ground there cutting my feet i am dismembered! i’m looking right at it it’s the real thing! “oh my god” it’s electro-lighting! i’m stuck in the ground and my legs are wobbly, i can’t move someone popped my legs – oh my god did that just happen right before my eyes! – it crashed – its hanging i can’t move there someone with me – did we just see that? – it’s a big fucking space ship – i can’t move i wobble and stuck in the ground there cutting me. “space space spaceships are flying in and oh my god i am hanging there i can’t move –she’s with me – did that just fucking happen? there landing oh my god there landing. i’m stuck and screaming” the police and fire show up and i’m shaking, scrambling. i’m scuffling tripping bumping on the floor reaching for the walls. “oh my god it’ my ll she’s been hurt dismember.” the iraqi’s fight with me and run through my home. i slapped him, command that came to get me and threw him across the room. i got his attention! were stuck in the floor i yell so loud my neighbor calls the police. i’ve been dismembered three hundred times my the ll, she is scrambling to stand up. she's been with someone. she is dismembered. we scramble to stand and there’s a scuffle and she sinks in the floor while i run for the door and get stuck outside. it’s paul a killer in disguise as a pastor. he’s pastoral and has a cong of 800 members me for the reason of the “almighty” spoken language of a pastor that screams with prophetic words of future events and an influence to others that could reach the world.

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Credit: MUFON

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