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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Gulf Shores, Alabama on 1996-09-30 22:00:00 - Three gargantuan lights just appeared as if turning on a light switch right on top of the pine trees then after about 45 seconds it's like they were turned off and gone

My husband and i had just put our three children down for the night. we were going outside to sit at our patio table just to chat and enjoy some evening time its so beautiful over the water. well we hadn't even had a chance to sit down yet we were walking to our table when all the sudden we noticed this huge bright light out of our peripheral vision and when we turned to look to see what it was and there it was three gargantuan lights in a row as if they were sitting on top of the pine trees about 150 feet from us. we just stared at it and then we looked at each other as if to say do you see what i see and we looked back at the lights we just stood and stared at it for about 45 seconds and it's like somebody flipped off the light switch it was just gone! he said what do you think that was i said i don't know and we agreed that we should never tell anybody because they would think we were crazy and we had three children and i was newly pregnant with our fourth. my husband and i would sometimes talk about it to each other but to this day i don't know what it was i cannot explain it, there was no sound no wind nothing just out of nowhere three lights appeared as if they turned on a light switch and then they disappeared like somebody turned off the light switch. where we were at there's really nothing a road a few homes and the gulf of mexico i just don't understand what could have done this no sound no wind just like they were there then they were gone it baffles the mind. my husband recently passed so he is no longer with us to confirm what we saw that night but i promise you this is an event i will never ever forget!

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Credit: MUFON

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