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Thursday, September 21, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Montréal, Quebec on 1971-04-13 00:00:00 - All i can remeber is a ball like enery coming stright towards me ,like it was after me

Hello there ,my name is deno t nemeth i'm not sure what happened t me that day ,but its been hunting me for years ,and today was the last straw sorta speak (after seeing a pic ,and my mouth dropped) it was earlier after noon ,like always i went o se my two best friends paul and daulton,it was a normal day like always i walked to there house i as living on vanhourn and rockland ,earlier that year my family had a big fire non of use did weren't there at the time ,we were also in the news paper ,something about single women with 5 kids fire on van horn st 1971 or 1972,any ways i walk from my place to vanhourn to hutchison street like i always do ,they lived on the second or third floor for some weird reason ,i remember the two or three girls that were always out on there porch ,they lived right next door , and i would se them quit frequently i guess no one was home ,so was walk down the star case and looked up there was black purple cloud came right over there place and then i saw a fire ball of lightning ,like a ball size of and small basket ball ,it came right towards me and i must have passed out ,it was also rain really bad really relay bad .After that' a few days later i remember asking my family what happen ,how did i get home ,and they looked at me like i was studied ,years after that .How could no one in my family remember something like this, then the dreams started for years .All i can remember ,witch i thought was a men and a women nurses looking over me on a steel table ,but i thought i was in an ambulance because it was small why am i going thou this ,i'm not sure if anything happened ,but if you here of anything happening in that area that year spring 1971 1972 text email or call me ,much thanks deno t nemeth

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Credit: MUFON

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