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Thursday, September 28, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Warne, North Carolina on 2017-09-20 23:15:00 - Lights descending then heading toward the west with absolutely no sound.

in the evenings i go out and scan around my house with my large flashlight watching the deer in the area. it was a dead still night with no wind what so ever. i was looking out toward our community and spotted two red lights with the front lights pulsating. there was a white beam in the back shining toward the ground. at first i thought it was a hospital helicopter coming in to evacuate someone from a local car wreck, which they do now and then but something was not right. there was no sound and why were there two large red lights. then the white beam went out. at this distance there was no way i could not hear the loud blades from a chopper. it then leveled out and i watched it slowly move toward the town. my first impression was it was government, because i know they have the ability to silence there engines but this was too quiet and seemed too smooth. then i thought it was something top secret. if it wasn't, then what was it. i then realize that i was looking at one very large object, or so it seemed. the lights always stayed the same distance from each other and i could tell there was some kind of frame connecting the two lights. it had to be big. i wanted to get as much information as i could. at that moment all i knew it was really large and i couldn't figure out why nobody else was not seeing this. i felt confused but yet excited, i thought this only happens to other people. when it was directly in front of me i shined my light directly at it to see if i could get some sort of reaction, which i knew was a waist of time. so i decided to run in the house and get my wife. so i timed it so i had plenty of time before it went out of site. i dashed in and told her to come out side fast and i ran back outside. it was gone. i couldn't understand it, how could it be gone. i wanted a witness. i was just plain mad at myself for leaving for just a moment. did i really see it. it's bothered me ever since. i know the more you go over something you have a tendency to change events and perspective. so i've tried to keep it very simple and not let my imagination run away with me. i keep thinking there must be a simple explanation. i've been listening for other reports but, none have surfaced. i even feel that i shouldn't even report this but, i know i'll feel better about it if i do.

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Credit: MUFON

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