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Saturday, September 16, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Glendale, California on 2001-05-31 15:30:00 - I saw people by picture window at workplace, teleoperator bank looking down at parking lot and giggling. i went to see. just as boss chased them away. i get to window. look down and see white basket ball size orb glowing ascending towards me swooping up.

i was at work walking toward window. commotion of other coworkers giggling at something below. movie prop. it was mid air below me swooping up towards me glowing pure white going over my building over my head. when i saw the commotion of people at window and went to see what was going on, the boss was already chasing people back to their stations. i was risking a scolding but i was drawn to see what excited my coworkers. i stood and watched this orb come up close to the window and watched it go over my head out of sight. my vision of it was blocked by the room's ceiling as it went over the building. the boss was right behind me, i was entranced by what i saw, i wanted to tell glowering boss the wonder i had seen, but some inhibition i never ever felt before stopped me. i'm an extrovert. i was astonished i couldn't find the words to say what it was. i lost sight of it as it went over the building i was in and left my line of sight.

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Credit: MUFON

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