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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Hamilton, Ohio on 2017-09-28 00:00:00 - Really frightening like they knew me and wanted see me.Hard to describe.

Me and my cousin were driving back from hamilton had alot of drinks at another cousins we left there to drive back home to morrinsville.We were in the middle farm land no cars on road or much of anything besides cows and no streetlights and some kind of tower with a few red lights there was one car behind us before i saw what i saw.Cause i was paranoid it could be a cop i kept looking back but we lost it.We came to an intersection and turned right heading south or southeast not to sure though. i looked back after we turned right and something in the sky caught my eye at first i thought it was the moon behind the clouds so kept looking and saw 3 orange lights not yellow or red they were orange and i started looking harder and saw another bigger orange light that was above the first 3 lights to the left and started telling my cousin to pull over and have a look at what i could see he was driving and didn't want to pull over cause he thought i was just drunk and seeing things then i started telling him you have to pull over and see this i started yelling to pull over as i was looking back through the back windscreen and saw the first 3 lights dissapear then the bigger orange light disappeared but before it did it flashed bright then dissapeared.I kept looking back to make sure i knew what i was looking at then 5-10 seconds after the big light dissapeared it wasn't just a light anymore it looked like a comet or a ball of flames shooting across the sky beneath the clouds about the height a helicopter would be at its max height or something i don't know exactly but it wasn't far away it was beneath low clouds then it changed direction and started to kinda follow us at this point i was freaking the fuck out telling my cousin to seriously pull over and look at this thing i was seeing he still wouldn't listen i kept my eyes on it the whole time i was asking him to pull over.After it changed direction and started to follow me it changed its shape more like a u or a bowl shape it was still orange in color but not as bright but still bright it changed shape again and size it got bigger and started turning to a cube kinda shape it was still following me and got bigger by this time i was in a state of not so much fear but astounded at was i was seeing i was scared but only because i didn't know what it wanted with me by this time we had travelled about 4-5 kilometres and were approaching our small town i lost sight of it behind the trees but kept looking because i wanted to know where it was i didn't see it again as we entered town.I know what i saw no believes me they say yeah na i believe you bro but i sense they don't because i was drunk at the time and i am what people consider a lil paranoid or crazy tripping out or seeing things.I'm a big guy i'm 6'4 and can drink alot of beer and still be alert i don't know what it was i saw but i know what i saw it's not the first thing seen either.I'm reporting this because i want to know what i seen.I recently put mock video of a sighting on youtube it was just the moon in daytime because i thought it was all joke at the time my brother started getting me interested in videos of sightings of aliens or ufos and whatever about 6 weeks ago i've watched alot of them over that time and didn't fully believe it i started getting into it hardout because i started realising and understanding time and space religion and how it's all connected another thing i want to mention is that i got a tattoo of a pentagram on my left hand and a skull tattoo on my knee with a triangle and eye on the forehead of the skull without understanding what those symbols meant i tattooed them on myself after i got out of jail 3 years ago now i know what they mean i'm even more puzzled.I need talk to someone and understand what's going on i don't want any publicity about this at all i just want to know or understand. it's a all been happening recently i'm starting to see more in the sky's and see through all the ways that it's hidden i thought it was a joke or hoax up until last 28 sept 2017.Thanks for being there to report it's getting to my head a lil bit but i know what i saw.3 orange lights and 1 bigger light above and to the left then it turned into a comet and changed shape and direction.

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Credit: MUFON

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