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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Barbridge, England on 2009-07-15 00:00:00 - It was a pulsating disc hovering just above the clouds.

At the time i was going on to the balcony where i lived, i was going out for a cigarette with my brother who also smokes. the first thing that caught my attention was the light coming from the clouds which were being lit up by lightning which lit the clouds which reached in every direction or at least as i thought it was lightning because it was exactly as it would be if i was a lightning storm except there was no thunder.Me and my brother could see that there was an object above the clouds which was pulsing light about every five seconds and every time it pulsed light lit the whole entire cloud as far is the eye could see just like lightning except it had no sound thunder. we couldn't physically see the object but it was obvious that the was some type of craft hovering above the clouds pulsating light, lighting the clouds up but because it was just above the clouds it was hiding it self from view. i myself and my brother are big believers in ufos the evidence is overwhelming almost undeniable so we are totally completely aware of the existence of life from another world is not just a possibility but reality.Me and my brother was not sure what the object was until we watched it for about five minutes it was obvious that this was nothing that we humans could have the power and capabilities to perform to hover above the clouds and light the whole entire sky clouds up so we thought it was more than likely a ufo.We couldn't actually see the object only the sky lighting up every five seconds but with no sound until we looked straight up above our house and for a split second you could see an object which was glowing through the cloud which was in the shape of a disc, when we saw this we just knew that it was really a ufo and we're very excited. the object was above the clouds and pulsating light for round about half an hour to an hour eventually we got our mum to come out as well and look at this whatever it was above the clouds and we were looking at this object just above the clouds for about half an hour to an hour eventually it started to gradually and very slowly move away as it carried on to pulsate and light the whole sky upeventually we got fed up of standing outside for nearly 1 hour as the object was in the distance but still pulsating light and causing the whole entire sky to light up. i have no doubt in my mind that this was extra terrestrial craft and life somewhere outside our universe but unfortunately this is all i have is my testimony, i am facinated by this event every time i think of this even ten years or so on, i feel much better now i have gotten it off my chest and told the world thank you.

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Credit: MUFON

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