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Friday, September 1, 2017

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UFO Sighting in London, England on 2017-07-10 02:30:00 - Over 10.000 space ship s in earth orbit wright now? i am getting scared now they turned up last week and they are sending blue beams to ground every night

Well it started about a year ago my girlfriend was driving my son home to kent from london and i was in the passenger seat my son said whats that in the sky but i did not take notice of my boy but on the way back to london i see this silver thing in the sky near bexlyheath a2 and took picture of a crystallised saucier with blue beam pointing down to street level then the next day started seeing objects near the moon spaces all the time for a fue weeks then got picture of a faint lizard man fort that was scary at first but the f--ker was smiling at me ? so did not get worried about it then just kept seeing low orbit space ships hovering in shy but from july this year i have been seeing some fu-ked up alien monsters everywhere in the sky i have at least 1000 pictures to show you but since last week there must be over 10.000 ship in are orbit massive spaceships they look like industrial type ships to take over planet and they are terr forming are land i think they are sending massive blue beams to ground every night it looks like they link together in the blue beams as well of solar bursts around but there is more and more coming lower in the sky its like they don,t care what they are doing so this why i am reporting this it is to fu-king scary to not report well my phone is a sony e3 so my phone pixels are not very good but you can see most of the pictures when zoomed in just let me show you wolf y first them some of the monsters then the spaceship structure,s all over are earth orbit ? these are just some of the pictures i have just look at the last one look closer you can see the structures in back ground there is 1000,s please tell me what you think is it an invasion or something they are hostile not like the other aliens they intimidate the other ships because they are so big and there is so many of them seen them keep distance of each other seems like more arriving every night because i keep taking pictures they sent blue burst toward my house then see a face in clouds they must of jammed my camera because it went into errer mode it would not start up again i told my girlfriend she to the phone and tried to get camera working again but it would not work so she restarted the phone but it was still in error mode then 5 mins later it worked the picture.S i took of the face was gone? it looked human like not like the other monster things then resent i was in garden taking more pictures then i see 2 triangle ship no more 150 ft high just above me i think they was are 2r3b ships i think they intercepted some the other things near because of my flash on camera so il post me if you ask me to thanks the englishfug.

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Credit: MUFON

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