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Friday, September 22, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Capilla del Monte, Cordoba on 2015-01-10 21:00:00 - We filmed together with my wife light to which we found no explanation. night of storm aen base cerro uritorco capilla del monte province of cordoba- argentina

Dear the record of the film phenomenon occurred on january 10, 2015 at 21hrs at the base of the uritorco hill in the city capilla del monte cordoba-aregnetina province. we were standing next to my wife, recording the advance of a thunderstorm as curious as this majestic phenomenon. filmed with cell phone brand blackberry 8520 and my wife with cellular nokia model c2 lightning unexpectedly observed a luminous object that reaslises unexplained movements, as we have no knowledge and technological elements to know the reason of the luminous phenomenon and recommended by mr. project director seti is that i contact you so that you can desirme that phenomenon was recorded. as it has no response from the department © 2017 american meteor society, ltd developed and maintained by mike hankey, llc © 2017 to which information was sent the new identification number of your fireball report is: 119202. adjunto e-mail:re: light phenomenon -cerro uritorco- argentina ss seth shostak responder| dom 15/02/2015, 07:56 p.M. usted hello, marcos, well, i looked at some of these. looks like high altitude lightning to me, although i can't be sure. no reason why i would think that this is extraterrestrial in nature. however, we at the seti institute are not investigators of "ufo phenomena". you might wish to contact mufon if you still think this imagery is of interest. cheers, seth shostak dr. seth shostak senior astronomer and director of the center for seti research seti institute 189 bernardo ave. suite 100 mountain view, ca 94043 tel: 650-960-4530 fax: 650-961-7099 waiting for an answer, i would like to greet you very cordially marcos basavilbaso

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Credit: MUFON

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