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Monday, September 25, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Kollam, Kerala on 2008-08-11 06:30:00 - Found an object descenting rapidly towards sea.

I was only 13yrs old when this happened. i woke up early that morning for walk with my uncle and was standing in the back side of my house when i saw this. a disc like thing was rapidly decenting from north-west direction to west towards the sea. it had a fire like thing on its back. i told my father about this and he told me it might be a plane or something. but all these years i watched planes fly over never have one taken such steepness or in that direction from i saw. i kept thinking about this incident for the past 9yrs and started reading abt these types of incidents across the globe. now that i think more i think it might have crashed into the sea as i saw it had some kond pf flame coming out its back. i said my experience with some people and they never quiet understood what i mean when i say abt this. even now i was uncomfortable telling this until i read abt a guy in my home city(kollam,kerala) had seen something he cant explain, so i decided to share my experience. i even checked records of plane going missing it yieled nothing which fuelled my doubts. pls share if you had any similar experience.

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Credit: MUFON

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