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Saturday, September 9, 2017

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Black Triangle Sighting in Lacey Township, New Jersey on 1989-06-15 22:00:00 - Triangle ufo seen just above trees

I had dropped my daughter off at her friend's house to spend the night. as i stopped at the stop sign and looked left, i saw the object just above the trees and houses (there is a small lake just down that road to the left.) it was very close and shaped like an elongated triangle (see first attachment to show the area as seen from my approximate location, this shows the "k" shaped intersection and approximate size and location of the object.) it was moving, but very slowly. this area is near a navy base (lakehurst) and a army base (fort dix) so i kind of thought it was an experimental plane from one of these bases as, at that time, i had never heard of triangular ufos. after a while though, i realized there was absolutely no sound. and the sheer size of it was immense. i looked towards the front and saw it moving into the next treeline, but as i looked back towards the rear of the object, it just seemed to disappear. needless to say, i was perplexed and didn't tell anyone at the time what i had seen. however, it has nagged at me ever since, and when i learned that other people had been seeing triangular craft, i decided to open up about the sighting. it was close enough for me to see detailing on the underside of the object (see second attachment as i have tried to approximate what it looked like, not an actual representation.) there were lights on the underside that cast a glow on the bottom, which showed a similar surface to the attachment, as well as on the treetops. i remember red, blue and white lights, but there could have been other colors that i either didn't see or make note of. looking back, it was pretty awesome.

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Credit: MUFON

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