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Friday, September 8, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Absecon, New Jersey on 2017-09-08 06:45:00 - Object at between 5 & 6 o'clock position under moon. sun was rising in the east. moon very clear clear sky

I awakened approx 4:48am with a feeling of extreme awakness and a feeling of gently swaying sensation left to right as i lay in bed. i could feel the swaying pressure going from left to right side of body switching from left to right ears like i was floating on a big wave ever so gently. slight head fog this is the best i can describe the feeling. it was a feeling of slight pressure building in my head like when your driving up to the mountains and your ears start to feel clogged from the high altitude. i got up cause i wanted to see the sunrise as i often do. i could see the sun rise in the east and the moon was high in the south western sky. it was clear sky with some chem trails here and there but mostly very clear. i was filming the sunrise swtiching back and forth from the sunrise to the moon. then i started taking pictures of the moon as some birds were flying by i got some great shots of the birds flying near the moon. when i got into my vehicle to drive home i felt like i was in a slight drunk like state but did not consume alcohol, very slightly light headed and very slightly dizzy but not enough to stumble or stagger when walking to my vehicle but had to force myself to be extra alert when driving. i noticed the object in my picture once i downloaded it into my computer. i thought it was a bird, then a plane or something so i zoomed in and it does not look like anything i ever saw before. appears to be black on color with what looks to be a light of hole in middle but more to the right than the left of the object. i removed the color from the picture played around with the contrast, highlights, exposure etc and there is an object under the moon between the 5 & 6 o'clock position. it could be a drone i just never seen a drone like tis before. i though it would be interesting to share. the object was not noticeable when i was taking pictures i saw nothing when i was looking in the direction of the moon. i did feel a slight drugged like feeling a light headed like slight cloggyness in head area werd feeling. i am trying my best to describe the feeling. maybe its the atmosphere and climatic changes, and magnetic field or gravitational pull that's doing something to make me feel this way. who knows anaylize picture maybe its something maybe not. thanks

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Credit: MUFON

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