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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Toronto, Ontario on 2017-09-05 01:02:00 - Watched 2 ufos higher than the cn tower grow brighter had four corners and one took off and the other one took off right after, disappeared and they were massive and bright i could see them from my condo im high up, wow just wow.

Around 1 am i went to use the washroom, on my way back to my bedroom i then saw a light through my condo window* new to the condo ** *im very high up in the sky...It was shining so bright - i thought there's no way that's a plane (and i know it isn't a plane because no plane shines that bright and stays still like that, plus i can see the planes around the sky and it's nothing like this...(i wish my phone just didn't die, but i was actually just in awe of staring into the sky at this light and didn't think i'd see 3 things happen lol) all of a sudden i look to my right and notice over the city another massive light, a little higher than the cn tower (i can see the city line and it was higher than it!!! it was something that kept getting brighter and brighter ..Again it wasn't a plane and all of a sudden a second one showed up both shining so bright, i look to my left and the first one i saw disappeared (it couldn't of been a condo light or for planes to show that there's something there *a marker...It wasn't! anyways i watched this four cornered beam of light ship for about 6 'or so minutes and it was cool to think i'm really watching some ufos happening ... i completely bealieve in them this isn't the first time... anyways i'm watching them and thinking if this is really cool and the light was so bright and seriously they were pretty far away i'd say even passed the city hovering over somewhere ..I looked below it and i saw red flashing lights a few inches way below where they were so i know it wasn't condo lights and the fact that it was higher than the cn tower lol!! so i watched for a bit than all of a sudden one of the ufos lights slowly dimmed than took off!!! i swear there could of been a trail i tried looking so hard i think i saw a bit of one and literally not long after the other one did the same thing! i grabbed my phone turned it on and called my mom (thought of grabbing my phone but it died right before i went to bathroom, i was even like i should be taping this...But literally didn't think this would happen...And it was so far away, but it wasn't all at the same time it was big enough for me to see it and see it had four corners like it was shining!!!!! the second one did the exact same thing, poof gone !!! anyways i thought that was super cool, /and hopefully someone else saw it too and the one time i didn't have my phone but oh well, that is a great thing what i saw and i hope i explained it well..It's late i'm not tired but must go to bed... happy ufo'ing lol!

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Credit: MUFON

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