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Thursday, September 7, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Pen Argyl, Pennsylvania on 2017-09-07 03:45:00 - Fourth time object was spotted in the same location

On september 7, 2017. i observed an object in the sky from 3:45 am until 5:03 am at that time, the object slowly started accelerating upward and then disappeared all of a sudden . the object hovered roughly around 10,000 feet, or maybe a little less. basically, it was the same altitude that a small aircraft would fly , i did use my compass on my cell phone to roughly get its position for the back to my house from where i was standing, and it was 83 degrees east , as the object tried to maintain a fixed position is still wobbled slightly back and forth trying to do so , i tried taking several photographs of the object with my cell phone and one photograph when i go to enlarge it on my cell phone. it almost looks like there are three windows on the craft and a slight outline of the craft . this is not the first time that i spotted this craft in the air. there were three other occasions that i spotted the same object over a three-month period , the first time i got up in the middle of night to go to the bathroom and i spotted the object out in the distance from my bedroom window , and because it was far away . i just thought it was a star or maybe a satellite, reflecting in the night sky and then about a week and a half later i spotted the same object, but this time it kept changing colors, radically back and forth. so at that time i had no idea what to make of it ? and ever since then when i get up at night to use the bathroom. i keep looking out the window to see if i can spot the same object again , and about three weeks later it was there again, but it was still too far away to see exactly what was and then on september 7, 2017, which was early this morning. the object was in the sky. once again but this time it was real low and was very close, so i got my shoes on and when outside to take some photographs of it, and to watch it and then at 5:03 am when i just started breaking dawn is started moving away at a slow acceleration and then all of a sudden it just took off and there is nothing that i know of that could accelerate like with this object did , in that split-second it reminded me of what you see in a star trek movie when the enterprise takes off. this is the only way i can explain the sudden acceleration of this object . i am hoping that this object comes back again . thank you

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Credit: MUFON

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