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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

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Black Triangle Sighting in Muscatine, Iowa on 2017-02-28 00:00:00 - It followed my drone that night so i landed and my friend and i shot video of it as it flew over our heads

My friend and i were out shooting video of the night sky and flying my phantom drone. we were a couple miles down the road from the local salsbury recreation area by local highway f70. as i was looking in the south and flying my drone, my friend noticed this star like light that started moving towards me. being a pretty bright night from the moon, i didn't notice it right away. as i started bringing my drone back towards me, i noticed that the light started heading in my direction. as i got closer to my landing area it was so close and low to the ground that i was getting a little freaked out. when first noticed there was like a faint jetlike sound. with that being said there is a local airport about 5-8 miles southwest of the sighting. being around 4 am and the fact that as it went over our heads directly, it was only 200-400 ft, give or take a few feet, i knew that wasn't normal for this area and as it passed over our heads there was no sounds at all. as it followed my drone it stayed in a direct path right towards me. i landed a few minutes before the object reached us. as it got close to us, it seemed to slow down and just kinda hover for a few minutes and then started heading northwest towards the iowa city area. as it got further away and reached the cedar river banks it slowed to a complete halt and sat above the tree line for a bit. it would move from southwest to northeast over the trees changing altitudes. it almost looked like it was getting ready to land but then after about 5 minutes or so moving above the trees, it finally decided just fade away like it was never there. when the craft flew over us, it was clear as day from the naked eye. it was triangle in shape and had a light on each point as well as some flashing or strobing lights on the bottom of the craft. the craft would hover then shoot up or to the sides for a quick jump and the go back to hovering. the direction was eratic and not like you would see from any plane or jet at 4 am in the middle of nowhere. i'm kind of a skeptic but not so much anymore. this sighting is like nothing i've ever seen before in my life. we've seen other lights in the sky as well over port louisa wildlife refuge but that's another story. my friend and i both were in shock and awe. that's all we talked about for weeks and i even posted a video of it on youtube but was edited some to show more clarity. i put all of this behind me until i seen a video on youtube recently about the illinois invasion and now here i am writing you and wanting to share my story with you as well. hope to hear back from you soon. thanks and have a good day.

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Credit: MUFON

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