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Sunday, September 24, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Trabuco Canyon, California on 2002-12-31 00:00:00 - Observed large cigar-shaped ufo with only one round light that had a reflective surface but it's contrast to the black sky created an outline clearly identifying it's shape.

Ufo sighting by: peter w. plaza (observer) i attest, that the following ufo sighting is true and accurate to the best of my ability to observe, analyze and process the information in the 12 seconds of visually witnessing a ufo appear above me. it was a sunday in january 2003 at 10:00 pm, outside of my home at 37 inverary, dove canyon (trabuco canyon), orange county, california. dove canyon is small bedroom community located in a small valley near coto-de-casa and rancho santa margarita. it back-up to the saddleback mountain range. there was no wind, no clouds, no rain, no fog, no low-lying smog, no sign of stars, planets and our moon. if there was any cloud cover, it was a haze that camouflaged the stars and planets at a much higher elevation and well beyond the object i was observing. it was a comfortable 64-68 degree outside with a slight coolness in the air. my personal state was unimpeded. i was not intoxicated, nor under the influence of drugs or prescription medicines, or the combination thereof. i wear and had contact lenses in place during this occurrence. i finished taking out two garbage cans to the curb and ready to turn around and return to my home through the open garage door when suddenly something or a 6th sense told me to look up. i typically don’t have a reason to stop what i’m doing and look-up towards a dark sky. i stood there frozen in place looking up at approximately a 60-degree angle at an object that was somewhat transparent or mirroring the black sky above and could easily recognize that the object was displacing or had a different contrast to that of the black sky beyond. i can clearly see (without any reservation) that the object was moving from an east to westerly direction and was above the tree tops (the following morning i confirmed the approximate distance to the object, above the tree tops to be 250 feet). i noticed that the speed by which the object was moving (did not hover), covering approximately 500 feet (east horizon to west horizon above the tree tops) was about 12 seconds, or 42 feet-per-second). again, i analyzed the distance the following morning, but during the actual event, i determined that the duration the object crossed above me was 12 seconds. i immediately notice by the “outline” of the object that it was slimmer in the front of the object and flared out to a larger diameter and maximum at its center and once again slimmed down at the other end…like a cigar-shaped object. please note that i said the object was getting larger in diameter, which means the distance from its center-axis (front to back) to the top and bottom of the object grew consistently larger. it did not grow larger from the center-axis to the top and less at the bottom (reverse saucer shape). during this movement of the object i did also notice a white-round light, about 2-3 feet in diameter, that was relatively small in comparison the overall object that was now over my head. the ufo was huge! the white light did not pulsate, did not change color, nor dim. it remained consistently white and the brightness stay the same. i also noticed that the object did not change direction, it did not change color, it seemed to be one piece, no seams, nor other appendages or other extending parts of the object. there were no sounds, no wind, no propulsion, no engines, no static electricity, no vibrations, no barking dogs…. nothing other than this object moving silently across the tree tops until out of view. once the object completed its flight beyond the tree tops to the west, i stood there continuing to collect my thoughts, mentally record my physical surroundings at street level, was there anyone else that also saw this object and taking note of the higher elevations, tree locations and any after-effects that might have been caused by the ufo. i began processing in my mind what i just saw and took stock of myself as to what just happened. there is no doubt in my mind what i saw and will never deny it. i am a very practical individual. i have been in the construction industry all my life, since i was a little boy. i use visual distances gathering in my business constantly and can accurately determine what is the distance to an object when needed. i’m also a golfer since my early teens and can read yardage distances quite accurately. my experience as a builder over the years is based on solid and practical experiences. i do not fanaticize. i base my facts and decision-making on what’s in front of me and can also accurately conceptualize what something looks like when not clearly apparent. when i was finished with my analysis of what just happened, i returned to my home and told my wife and father-in-law,” i just saw a ufo”. stating the obvious, they both did not believe me and told me i was hallucinating. to this very day, i have only told my immediate family and close friends of my experience. the story does not end here, 14 years ago. seven years later following this sighting, i had to go to work very early in the morning. i left my house about 4:30 am. my radio station is usually turn to 640 am (kfi) in the los angeles area, which begins with bill handle (host) at 5:00 am. before the 5:00 show, coast-to-coast with george nori is airing. at approximately 4:50 am, george takes one last caller from north carolina, which begins his short story of a fishing trip him and several of his friends just completed in north carolina. this is where the story get’s weird! they were finished fishing and everyone was sitting around a campfire. it was dusk and not dark. he described to george nori this ufo that came over their heads and was in clear view. his discription of the ufo was an exact match to what i described in this report! needless to say, i couldn’t believe what i was hearing. when i returned home that evening, i told my wife what happened, and the next day i tried to call into the radio station, but couldn’t get through. this is the first formal report that i’m writing and submitting to an outside agency “center for ufo studies”. i would appreciate your help in letting me know that you have received my report and if your archives indicate that there have been other witnesses to this event. because this happened 14 years ago, my timing of this event may have a small degree of error.

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