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Friday, September 22, 2017

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Black Triangle Sighting in Imperial, Missouri on 2017-09-21 22:15:00 - Triangle shape 3 blinking white lights red blinking light

My son went outside around 10:10 to scare off two cats fighting in our driveway. he and i are always checking out the sky whenever we are outside or driving in the car. the blinking lights caught his eye. its pretty common to see ufo's at this time of night, if you're looking for them (we do) he watched it for a few seconds, then he said it shot out something that looked like a bright white light. which ended up being another ufo, it dropped a little then flew off towards the east. that's when he came in and got me. i went out with my phone to get pictures. but decided on a video instead. when i first saw the ufo it was east flying towards the south southwest. i immediately noticed the lights blinking, it seemed pretty far away so it looked almost like a disco ball of lights white, green and red. once it ascended over me i zoomed in on the video and you could clearly see the triangular shape, the 3 flashing white lights on the corners and front center and the blinking red light underneath, the backside has a row of white blinking lights as well. at that point i only noticed the white and red lights. it seemed to be going the same speed from the time i started recording till i stopped recording. it flew in a straight path and was completely silent! my family and i had an awesome sighting in the past year or so and worked with joe palermo @ mufon. he said for future sightings try getting a video, so that's what i did. the video is a little shaky at first. video is from a samsung galaxy s6 which takes the crappiest pics/videos in my opinion. i did not alter or edit my video, although it could have used a trim at the beginning, i didn't do that either. about a minute into the video you can see what i saw!

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Credit: MUFON

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