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Friday, September 15, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Los Angeles, California on 2017-09-13 23:00:00 - Pulsating lights over dodger staduim. shape of a cone. huge.See through.Just lights floating

it was september 13 2017 about 10:45pm. there had been a police chase in the area about 10 miles away around the same time. i counted about 7 helicopters in the silver lake area. i jumped on the 101 hollywood freeway and transitioned onto the 110 north freeway.At this point i could see all the helicopters behind me hovering around the hollywood area. as i approached the area around dodger stadium i looked up and saw these bright lights flashing green blue and red . it was in the shape of a huge cone. i kept looking at it thinking maybe it was something to do with an event at the stadium. the only problem was there was no events going on and the light were not on the hill. as i drove by it i found myself under it. the lights were about 75 feet off the ground. they seem to be floating by themselves, no object. i could see the night sky. then they just turned off.Nothing took off or made a noise. they were clearly over the freeway.Not on the hill. there is a few videos on youtube and a few pictures on facebook floating around. i can get links and send them to you if needed. the lights also happened on 9/11 around the same time according to these video sources.The video shows the lights in a circle like if they are farris wheel. when i saw them they were in the shape of a cone. when i drove under them they were in a shape of a cone as well. i will attach a picture someone took. this is what i saw. i shouldve taken video and pictures but when you finally see one all i could think was oh lord, they are real and just let it all sink in. no one is covering this. there is hundreds of witnesses.

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Credit: MUFON

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