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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Atoy, Texas on 2017-05-31 00:00:00 - No clouds, light like welding light lit up sky, object appeared overhead, coasted, straight path, slow speed, 30 mph at a guess.

I left a friends house, headed home, driving the same route i always drive at about 2ish in the morning. not driving fast because this is a backroad and deer are always out, my window was down and i had music playing but not too loud. as i was driving the sky flashed as if lightning flashed in the distance. what caught my attention to it was there were no clouds, it was a very clear night, i could see the milky way as there was no moon and very very little light pollution except for my headlights. what was odd about the light/flash was that it was bluish in color and seemed to flash over the top of my truck. the only thing i can equate it to is when someone is welding, the light that it gives off is not like a lightning flash or other sorts of light fixtures. it flashed for about 3 or 4 flashs, fast but long enough to look up and still see it going on through the windshield. this light lit up the whole sky, like i said, like lightning would have. there was no sound like a rumble of thunder that should have followed if it had been lightning. as i looked up from over the top of my truck, the object appeared, from my perspective sitting in the drivers seat, it moved from the rearview mirror to the steering wheel the diappeared over the trees. the direction would have been northeast to southwest. it did not move fast, about 30 mph or so. slower than me, i was probably going about 40 mph. it was on a straight flight path. when i first saw it, i didn't have a clue as to what i was seeing. it was triangled shaped, an acute triangle, there were about 6 or 7 lights on my side of the object, the lights on the other side i could barely see but were not as prominent. i draw, so i know perspective quite well, so i could tell tge shape pretty good. there were no lights on the back side of the object. the lights lit it just enough to see the object was a dark color but flat colored. it kinda freaked me out a bit, i told myself on the rest of the ride home that it was probably military, i like sci-fi but i am skeptical at such things because people jump to conclusions much too quick. by the time i got home i had come to somewhat of a conclusion that a: there are no airbases near the area i saw the object, the closest airport is about 15-20 miles away as a crow flies and it's a very small county airport that usually only has single engine planes flying out of it. sometimes double prop planes. b: there was no sound after the light flash i observed and from the point that i saw the flash, i had driven 20 miles and there were still no signs of clouds anywhere. all the stars were out. c: the object was moving rather slow, more slower than, if not the same speed, perspective wise, as a single engine plane flying low but still seemed slower than what i've seen before with a plane. d: the shape of the object could have been the shape of a stealth fighter but seemed thicker and longer. where the lights were, it seemed to be inset but overlapped by the top and bottom of the hull. i know this is going to sound stupid but i'm trying to equate to something so that you can visualize it in your head, it had the shape of a star destroyer from star wars with lights on the sides. e: it seemed thin but not flat and i could not see if anything was on top, like a canopy or tail fons from the perspective i saw it. it flew over the road ahead of me. the were some trees to my right but not many, it was fenced in pasture to the right with small trees, if any, on the fence line but on my left were tall pine trees. as i watched the object disappear over the trees, i would sight it again as the trees thinned and then i lost it for good as i could no longer see past the trees. it was not that high above me, maybe 100 yards and disappeared about 100-150 yards infront of me. like i said, it was angled that way. nw to se. your asking how i felt thinking about it all the way home? i kinda scared the crap outta me, not knowing what i just saw. military aircraft to me is very cool, i love seeing that kind of stuff but seeing that light before hand and then seeing an aircraft of some sort appearing right after the light? that was freaky. i wish i would have filmed it but it happened so fast but seemed like i watched it for 10 mins. but it all took place in about a minute. i watch the skies everytime i drive through there now, camera phone ready. the drawing i attached was the perspective i had, i drew sketched that as soon as i got home so i wouldn't forget. the map is of the area i saw it, it traveled from north of the pond area, southwest towards the trees. i was traveling south along f.M. 1210 coming from reklaw towards atoy.

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Credit: MUFON

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