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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Layton, Utah on 2017-09-09 21:30:00 - I saw an extremely bright light on the side of the mountain northeast of where i live, it seemed to separate and then come together again

This report was filled out and filed at mufon headquarters with witness on the phone by field investigator l. flechtner 18809 on 9/26/17. -------------------------------------------------------------------- it was a hot and clear night and i went outside and saw a very bright light halfway up the mountain east of me behind some tall trees. the light was too bright to be an vehicle. the light stayed in one place. i went and got my phone and walked to a vacant space to get a better view. i videoed taped the light, my camera phone kept ending the video after so many minutes so i had to keep re videoing it. it seemed at one point to split in half and move as two separate lights several miles apart from each other and then go back together again. hill air force base is less than 1/4 of a mile from me, but the mountain is not on the base. the light seemed very large, larger than a car. i watched it for 2 hours. then i saw two lights come towards me from a playground park area. they seemed to be ground level. they came towards me and then went back where they came from. i was really tired by now and went inside. i wish i'd stayed outside longer. i have seen red lights travel over the mountain and come back again on several occasions. when i went inside i viewed the video i had taken with a magnifying glass. i found that the light seemed to be emitting rays off of the right side and one was red. i noticed a halo effect and the light also had a little blinking light on the top and on the bottom of the large bright light. i don't have a computer so i can't attach the video.

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Credit: MUFON

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