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Monday, September 18, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Mattawa, Ontario on 2017-09-16 00:00:00 - Wife and i observed while doing yard work - thought it was a balloon at first. looked like parachute with three horizontal struts, no payload

On saturday, september 1, 2017, on our farm, we had what we believe were altostratus clouds overhead around noon, but it was mostly clear, hot sunny day... they typically range in altitude between 6000 and 20000 feet (thats nearly 4 miles up). the wife and i were doing our normal yard work. i was driving my small tractor across an open space, and happened to look up, saw this white dot in the sky which was not something i normally see. this object was in and out of the clouds. it was like a traditional shaped parachute with nothing hanging from it... we watched it for a few minutes then i went and got the camera, our binoculars, and later my small telescope. it was not any aircraft that i am familiar with, (i am a plane buff of sorts) nor was it a hot air balloon which we thought of also, it was not descending or ascending at all, drifting slowly eastward, no visible payload of any kind, and these three struts that went from a central hub to three points on the edges of the circle. with the telescope you could see that these were horizontal, not hanging down beneath the dome. we watched this "float" over our farm property for almost 30 minutes, after which it disappeared above the clouds, drifting eastward. i have noted that someone in a community in quebec also saw something very similar on the same day and have reported it here on mufon, just later in the afternoon or early evening, i am convinced they are describing the same object. they said they saw the struts like a peace sign, i would say you could trace an equilateral triangle over the ends of the lines, so not quite like a peace sign. i have pictures and shaky video, which i am sharing. we are about 250km west from those folks in quebec, on the north side of algonquin park, in a nearly parallel latitude. we also observed normal commercial aircraft in the same general airspace several times during the experience. they did not appear to react to the object, no change of course, etc. we figured this is some sort of high altitude weather device, have reached out to environment canada and are awaiting a response. we were a little excited about the experience, especially today, noting that someone else saw it too. we are semi-skeptical about ufos, but not ruling it out.

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Credit: MUFON

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