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Friday, September 22, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Port Clinton, Ohio on 2017-09-22 19:32:00 - Large ufo shaped like tri-bead

There was an amazing sunset this evening over lake erie. i have been studying ufos and e.T.S for about a year now. i look into the sky each time i have the chance because i know of the amazing things occurring above my head all of the time. what better time to view the sky then during a beautiful sunset. i decided to use my step father's high quality binoculars to see if i could see anything small, more clearly, if anything at all. after viewing a few planes, a couple high up with paths and another low enough to see the full body and wings, i suddenly came across something very large and oddly shaped. it was the spitting image of a chrome/gray/black tri-bead. (if you google tri-bead you will see what i am speaking of). i was surprised to even see a hole, or light in the middle of the ufo, just like the hole in the middle of a tri-bead. i only saw the ufo for a few seconds. maybe it had been there longer and i caught the end of the sighting. maybe it knew i was looking for something and appeared for me just long enough for me to be in awe. this was over the lake, just touching cloud cover. the tri-bead shaped ufo seemed to be on a slant. like if you took a tri bead and turned it so you could see the bead from the side view rather than above. then slightly turned it so that you could see the side of the tri-bead but also view some of the top of the bead as well. it moved at a 135 degree angle in the sky. it was an odd movement, like it was floating but moving fast, but not too fast. the movement reminded me of a balloon taken in the wind. like a gust of wind taking a balloon, but balloons float. so a floating movement if that makes sense. the ufo then disappeared right before going behind a cloud. this confused me at first because i swear i saw it fade very fast right before going behind the cloud. then i questioned myself, "maybe it disappeared behind the cloud?". soon enough i realized it had not. it was a very misty cloud, translucent. if the dark object had moved behind it i would have definitely seen the silhouette. i also would have seen the object come out of the other side of the cloud. the cloud was probably only the height of two of the ufos at most, and it would not have taken long at all for the object to reappear out the top of the cloud (after entering the bottom). after viewing a boeing type plane near the same distance away before the sighting, i have to say the ufo was at least the size of two boeing planes, maybe 2 1/2 or 3 even. it was large enough that i was able to tell the color, size and fact that it was not of this world in just the short time i witnessed the event.I tried to find a pic of the perfect tri-bead to show how it was black, yet reflective and also at the same angle the ufo was in the sky. i also added a drawing, not so good, but i tried.

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Credit: MUFON

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