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Thursday, September 28, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Fairfield, California on 1992-05-10 00:00:00 - A group of amber colored glowing flashlight beacons bouncing up and down. liquid wave-like fire. holograph-cartoon-animated dripping lava hovering in mid air.

The time was around 2:00am in the year 1992 or 1993. i was looking at a transparency photo using a loupe and a light box. the image was created with a colleague at a lake in sacramento of the full moon and the sparkling reflection of the lake at 2am - from a warm summer in the year 1990. the image was green from being expired color transparency film. i wanted to make a similar photo in fairfield remembering what the photo lab technician said smiling 'is that a ufo?' pointing at the moon in the image. the technician admired our technique and said, "you used expired film. did you know expired film is sought after by professional photographers for its green color?" our film was 2 years beyond the expiration date. flashlight cones bobbing up and down. the light beams do not touch the ground. similar to a light saber. i was undecided to go to fairfield at 2am in the morning. i felt a electrical sensation near my right abdomen pulling me out from my study room. the sensation faded when i decided to ignore the thought of driving out to fairfield at 2am. i decided to make the photo for my commercial portfolio for the creative black book (a portfolio directory of commercial photographers for advertising agencies). this was my first time to be out at night alone to make a landscape photo in the car. i noticed the weather was a perfect cool 18 degrees celsius. i was parked on an empty new road across a residential neighborhood. the empty acres of land is a partially flattened out wheat field. i am inside the car with the window open ready to make a landscape night photo of the full moon with a 35mm film camera using a 50mm lens. it was a clear night sky near a residential area where empty land is across the street. the empty paved road is facing the flattened wheat field. there is a tree to the left. i am parked facing north. i think the tree makes a nice silhouette with the full moon and mountain range. i was unsatisfied with the location. i waited there in the car thinking how to make an excellent portfolio image. i am looking out the front window thinking. something moving appears north east. i look and notice at a distance of 130 meters a group of flash lights are combing through the field moving left and right. i immediately thought i should leave thinking there are people out there in the fields. the lights are gone. i decide to make a photo of the tree and full moon from the left window before leaving. just when i look up from adjusting the aperture and shutter, the cone lights appear. the glowing aura cone shaped lights aligned in a group appear bobbing up and down - jittery swaying left to right in random patterns to one another. the lights disappear. i have completely decided to leave the location. the hovering cone lights appear again bobbing up and down this time closer to me and directly in front of the window of the car at the same distance. at that moment in my mind i felt the motion of the lights appear to be giggling at me when bouncing up and down with more agitation. (writing this now to mufon - i realize it seems the motion of the lights are similar to the process of processing film in cannisters - something that requires precision for less grain in the negative). the lights disappear. there is at least 10 seconds of silence. darkness in front of me except for the residential street lights near by. the ground lights up spanning 5 meters in width in a motion of liquid light - waves like the ocean and transparent in amber and fire-like color. it looks like a mirage and holographic projection. i felt compelled to get out of the car to investigate and touch the liquid light. i remembered from ufo television shows the light could be unsafe. i decide to make a photograph quickly. i look at the b shutter setting on the camera. the film will not photograph exactly what i am experiencing. i put the camera down. there is complete darkness from the field. silence so beautiful. i wait. after 6-10 seconds 3 meters east from the location of the liquid light another glow appears. hovering above the field a rectangle shaped form with a width of 2 meters is glowing of lava and liquid metal slowly dripping like honey. the glowing looks exactly like a animated cartoon projected over a moving holographic 3d image. the glowing lasted for 5-9 seconds. i was mesmerized by the movement and wondered how it could be generated. the glowing image disappeared. it was quiet. i waited. a bright diffused faded white round light approached directly in front of the car on the empty road. i immediately hid below the steering wheel. i thought it was a motorcycle. there was no sound. i started to the engine. i am frightened. an extremely bright light white lit up the entire field and road side and pointed in my car. i glance to my left window and see a bright multi-beamed star-pointed light hovering at 6 meters above ground. no sound. silent. the light with no glare. the multiple beams are thin varying in length and are retracting in and out like a radio antenna (example: shape of light - sputnik satellite). the light pulsed a few times and aligned itself visible on the right rear-view mirror. i realize i can see the light and the light can see me from the mirror. i am driving fast and careful not to over-rev the tachometer. the light is to my right window directly in-line with me. no sound. silent. i felt time had stopped. there is no sound. i can hear my engine yet there is no sound. the ground below the object is not lighted from the light. i am on the freeway. there are at least 12 cars driving past the light. i thought those people will think that is a helicopter. will they not notice the beams of light are varying in length and pulsing in and out? the light stopped above a stop sign and i felt it was waiting for me and watching me drive away. when i arrived home i was happy at sunrise. happy to know they are from another galaxy. advanced technology. i drove back to the location and watched the sunrise near a row 15-20 newspaper stands. it was my frist time to notice the news paper stands on the sidewalk facing the panorama view of the east - an open field of nature.

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Credit: MUFON

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