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Saturday, October 7, 2017

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Black Triangle Sighting in Minneapolis, Minnesota on 1978-11-12 00:00:00 - Came at me and hoovered over neighbors house

I was 10 years got up to go to the bath room. i looked out the window saw a bright light heading north slowly, maybe 3 to 4 miles out. i was curious about it so i stood there and kept watching. it went behind some trees so i waited for over a minute to see it. when it came back into view i noticed it was slowly heading at me. i felt a strange sensation like maybe some how it knew that i saw it from the window. minutes went by as is slowly was coming at me. i stood there kinda like in awe shock wanting to know what it is was. it finally made its way into my neighbor hood. it came over west 92nd street the highest point of our neighbor hood. it was hardly moving at this point. it came over my friends house i saw three big lights in a triangle formation and a spot light or beam came out. the beam went directly over my friends front door of their house and the beam proceeded to move across the house. the object or ufo very slowly drifted over to the next house down and stopped! the only thing i knew about ufos back then was from the old show in search of. so at this point i had never heard of a triangle ufo. so this object hoovers over the next house and the beam came straight down. i somehow knew at the point this thing was looking for dont ask me how but i just knew. so right after it stopped over that house and the beam came i got really scared. the kind of fear i can not describe. i ran back to my bed pulled the blankets over me hoping to god they do not find me. there is not week that goes by that i do not think about what happend. i talked to a ufo expert few years ago and he thinks i might have been abducted. he also thinks i need to look into this matter.

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Credit: MUFON

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