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Friday, October 27, 2017

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UFO Sighting in St. Louis, Missouri on 1956-07-31 00:00:00 - From the right field of vision, horizontally, i.E. from east to west came 6 objects.

It was a hot summer’s day in august of 1956. myself, my mother and father were on the back in north st. louis, city. also, on the porch was a lady that just had a baby and her husband was coming up the back steps having gone to the store. reason for being on the back porch was this was before the days most people had air conditioning. the building was a brick 4 family with flat tar roof. you didn’t want to be inside when it was 90 degrees outside. so people were on the back porch, 2nd story. everyone was just looking/staring off the back porch in the hot summer heat. then from the right field of vision, horizontally, i.E. from east to west came 6 objects. i seen them first and said, “look flying saucers”. today i refer to them as ufos. they came in at a speed that put them into a blur and stopped instantly on a dime, so to speak. they were no more than 35 yards away and were a gold luminescent color. there was no sound. the really strange thing was even though they were gold luminescent and were bright they gave off no light like a light bulb would. they were in a formation. they were oval shape. i would say approximately each one was a yard wide by 2 feet high. they looked like they were slightly shaking when stopped but there was no sound. they were there for approximately 15 seconds. they then shot off behind the tree. we waited for them to come out the other side and they never did. the tree was full of leaves in the summer. as i said they were about 35 yards away and only slightly higher than a second story porch. this was in the middle of a city. i.E. st. louis. this was not in the swamps of louisiana were some one could say it was swamp gas. it wasn’t far off in the distance where someone could say it was venus. they were close. i watch the ufo programs on the history channel and only once have ever seen anyone talk about ufos like the ones i seen. they were only two dimensional, there was no depth at the angle we seen the ufos. we were looking north. as i said they came in from the east and exited west behind the tree. the thing that makes this sighting even more extraordinary is that when you think about what is said above you realize there were six ufos and there were six of us on the back porch. i don’t remember seeing anyone else anywhere at that time. not in other backyards or on the street. and this is in the middle of the city. also they were in an overall oval shape and each one was oval individually.

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Credit: MUFON

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