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Monday, October 23, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Illinois on 2016-04-10 00:00:00 - Late one evening saw a light outside my apartment window and there the craft was it would light up everytime those little black things walked under it

I remember sitting at home watching tv late one night and a light outside my picture window caught my attention i peeped threw the blinds to see what was up but i notice a round disk like craft just havering just below the neighbors garage across the back yard i found it odd because it was to big to be a drown that the kids play with and what really had my tripping was it had a light at the bottom of it and it will come off and on seconds apart from each other so i raised the blinds completely up so i could have a full view of what i was looking at and this us were i couldnt believe what i saw their were six maybe a foot tall little black things each one walked under the object the object lite up and the thing went into to the object then the next one would walk the light would come on etc after all six wrre inside it zapped into the sky now after the secound black figure went into the light i ran to get my cell phone to record what i was seeing but when i played the video back just pitch black darkness a couple days after thati remember waking up from a very deep sleep witch normally i sleep light i was very very very constipaded light my anus was sore i couldnt understand why the same morning i noitce a pach of my hair was gone like it was smooth bald like no hair every grew there and its still bald currently i couldnt believe my eyes i began to have dreams or vision of aliens and being taken away so one day i took a selfie and noitce that behind me in the photo is my bedroom door and in the door was the alien watching me thats when i had evidence there stood the being its head eyes and mouth extended neck and you can see some torso i believe i have been abducted by aliens please help me with answer or just a gernalized understanding on why this is happing to me because i dont believe in this stuff

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Credit: MUFON

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