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Saturday, October 7, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Utah on 2017-07-25 01:16:00 - Was touring andromeda galaxy on google sky

so this is a little different i apologize but i am running out of people to ask about this. i was touring andromeda galaxy on google sky.. i have found some anomalies that ive been trying to get some professional opinions on, however its been a few months now and i have not heard back from anyone. i noticed that there are clusters of stars in the andromeda galaxy ( these anomalies are actually all over google sky but the screen shots i have are just of andromeda) these clusters... are repeated in the imaging. as if they took the images of certain stars and copy pasted them next together to make a bigger star cluster. so because i do not know how long it takes for us to get a small portion of andromeda photographed i am not sure if i am just seeing the same stars moving.. so the same stars are in the frame next to it... 2nd theory" they are not stars at all... (i do not really know how that would work because again this anomaly is all over.. so maybe its a super highway for alien traffic everywhere up there) 3rd theory: they are covering stuff up that is actually out there so they are stitching the same photos together to make it look like there are just stars. im really looking for some insight on this guys thank you so much for your time. maybe im looking at this in a completely wrong way. but honestly you guys should check it out for yourselves its all over up there. there is so much dishonesty in the world but i would love to know if i have found something good here. i have researched online about this but i cannot find anything from anyone who has seen this. _ ms. sweets

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Credit: MUFON

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