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Friday, October 27, 2017

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Alien Encounter in Quantico, Virginia on 1962-03-31 00:00:00 - As a boy of 5 3 small beings came down a ladder in the closet of my grand mothers home in quantico va. i was sleeping in the center bed room with my 2 older brothers. i awoke to a constant glow of light then 3 small beings entered and communicated to me

I was a boy of 5 sleeping at my grandmothers home in quantico va. my grandfather is a historic usmc marksman record holder and the ranges on the base are named in his honor. he took his own life during wwii and at this time my grandmother lived alone. we were visiting as a family and spending the night. i slept in the center bed room with my 2 older brothers. i awoke to a constant light coming down the attic opening, i noticed no movement but there were 3 small child like beings standing at the bottom of the ladder. i did not see them use the ladder. 2 went to the large bed my brothers were in and seemed to hold their hands out and my brothers just slept quietly. one came over to me and i realized i was trying to scream and scream and nothing came out, i tried to wake my brothers and nothing came out. i then realized the one by me was communicating with me and i with him, but we were not talking? i was 5 what did i know. it seemed to go on for a while but i had no real track of time but it did not feel like i knew what i had done the entire time, like missing time but not really? anyway, when i woke i went from a dumb kid to a dumb kid with a plan, and that the plan would work! i knew it. there was no real end, i woke well rested and not really remembering it right off. it came to me in fragments and dreams. when i later in life had difficult choices to make the memories came to me then strong but it was not new information, it was like i already knew it and just remembered it when i needed it. hard to explain. the plan, as you go through life, different chances will present themselves to you. these chances or doors will be open to you to chose and your life is determined by which doors you chose and if you go through them without looking back. once you make a decision on going though a door, go with all your might and do not look back, things will work out! i began telling my mother i was going to do great things in sports and that she gave me a name no one else had and that one day i would be a butler at the white house... the president would say "worthington, get me a drink!" i told her, and she would laugh and laugh. in school i had trouble as i am dyslexic and it went unknown until the 1990's. i got into sports and learned that i could talk my way out of anything and seem to change the minds or control adults. i knew i was going to be a champion and worked my ass off because i was driven to see what i could do, i knew it was going to be something, it is hard to describe i was just a kid. i achieved well above my abilities, was all american in woodbridge senior high school. i wrestled and pinned hof professional wrestler tony atlas (twice) and i am in the hof at wshs. i went to va tech on a football ride and got physically abused by a coach so i quit, and i had a 0.8 gpa being dyslexic there was no was i was going to ever make it there. i went into the army as a 91b medic. i got assigned to the black hawk program. i went to the usps for a short time crashing 3 mail cars. my brother-in-law got me a job interview. they wanted my to take a 5 thousand dollar pay cut and take a job with no job security. the job was at the white house!!! i began service under ronald reagan in 1980 and retired in 2011 with barrack obama hosting my retirement ceremony in the diplomatic reception room. i knew i would work at the white house, said it from age 5 and would do great things in sports. i know what happened and so do you!!!

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Credit: MUFON

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