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Saturday, October 21, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Ciudad Acuña, Coahuila on 2016-11-10 01:12:00 - Bright large ufo in mexico . mexican military humvee on road also watching .

My wife and i were on the mexican side of the us ( texas ) border town of ciudad acuna directly across from del rio , tx . we were driving north west along the highway to the lake amistad a little after 1 am . as we came over a ridge just a short distance before the lake entrance , on the road before us was a bright yellow solid large sphere , completely lit yellow , with no visible means of how it kept itself up. it was as large as four sedans but perfectly round . silent . no jets or prop prppeelers . it just hovered some 30 feet above the road and should it have landed it would have taken the entire width of the road , and there would have been no way around it . to make matters stranger parked on the opposute side of it to us , on the road ahead of us , facing our direction , was a mexican military humvee . we passed under the ufo driving about 35mph and while i was worried about the ufo i didnt want to stop and be harrassed later by the mexican military . i drove right under the object and continued until i passed the military humvee , and out the top of the suv was a seated soldier and he was looking up at the object with his jaw open . we continued to the lake and waited a good time. i didnt want to return too soon and cole acriss them again . i wish i had but i was terribly afraid of the object and the military pressence. i half expected as i drove by the mexican humvee to see a soldier holding some sort of remote control , somehow controlling the craft . no , on the contrary the soldier i could see looked dumbfounded . while i did not take a video or camera shot because i didnt want to be detained or lose my ohone , vehicle , freedom or life ... there was the mexican military humvee and its driver , co passanger and the soldier i saw also more than my wife and i . i know they saw it also . there was a ufo crash in this same area in the 50s known as the del rio ufo incident . whatever is flying out here , and i can tell you thus was not a drone , or a blimp , or a prop or jet proppeled plane , helicopter , untra-light , meteor , star , and i am not sure what caused its bright brilliant illumination , but there was no doors or windows or discernable features on the outside at all . it did not move as we drove towards it , under it , or away from it and passed the military vehicle , it just hovered above the road in the night sky .

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Credit: MUFON

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