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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Largo , Maryland on 1969-12-15 23:00:00 - Noticed object pacing car, then later saw it pass over car, began to leave area and object came directly over car and hovered, then began to move away, was enormous it moved in a way like it was moving through time.

I was home on leave from military, was taking girlfriend to a place where we would go for privacy. it was about 1100pm and was traveling east on central ave, at that time was only one lane. noticed object pacing car and wondered what it could be. it had green and pale yellow lights pulsating in a clockwise direction around the edge. as i turned off central ave to go north it seemed to be far away across a field, as the area was basically all farmland and one small development. once we got to our destination which was a deserted road in the woods we got in the back seat and at that time i looked up out of the rear window i saw the object fly over the car and i began to wonder if it was aliens trying to capture us to put in a zoo on their planet so i took off as fast as i could go through the winding road back to central ave. just as i was coming down the road to the intersection to central ave. i looked out of the right passenger window and saw the object coming. now all the time before it seemed to be a small object but as it approached the car i realized this thing was huge, probably as big as a football field it covered the whole road. when it got directly over the car it, for about maybe five seconds hovered then began to move away from the car in a southwesterly direction. but when it was approaching the car it came from a slightly nw direction. when i got to the stop sign at the intersection to central ave i saw headlights from another car which was a state police officer i got him to stop so i could show him the object but he would not even take time to look, telling me it was probably an airplane circling to land at andrews afb. but i knew because as i said i was home on leave and was stationed at ft. kobbe in the canal zone which is part of howard afb and i saw all types of military plane, so i knew it was not something from the military. plus even today there is nothing i have seen that could move like this object which within about five or ten seconds went from a very small object in the sky to the size of a football field. furthermore as it began to move away from the officer and myself it seemed to go into a stealth mode where the object became invisible and all you could see was the lights pulsating. when the object was directly over the car it looked like glowing aluminum or magnesium alloy.

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Credit: MUFON

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