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Saturday, October 28, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Clarksville, Arkansas on 2017-10-23 20:37:00 - Orange orbs deployed from dimmer white intermittent pulsing lights viewed through rifle scope at 9x magnification but barely visible to eye.

20:38 .Hartman ar.Oct 23 2017 bright amber flares spotted in ne just below and to the right of pleides,4 degrees above horizon.Grabbed 22 to observe through scope. dim steady white objects occasional ly pulsing ejecting orange flares sequencially that quickly extinguish to dull red then invisible just as new object is ejected in linear sequence of threes. dozens ejected,couldn't keep count or tell size or distance,possibly over lake ludwig region, simply too absorbed and excited by event and realizing flare effect is actually aural effect caused by deployed orbs or white pulser responsible for phenomena and not an actual craft in and of itself. i can only speculate on origin or purpose. any sense of movement of flare an illusion to naked eye as a result of orbs being deployed and activated in perfect linear sequence.Think pixels of your computer screen activating in the right order to simulate a dot or other image travelling across it at any speed you desire.Possible explanation for seemingly hypersonic objects not generating sonic booms or gelatizing pilots via massive g forces from radical maneuvers. event duration ended around 21:12 cst with flare observed in corner of eye in nw near vega. single engine fixed wing craft observed through scope low from west headed eastwards near to me while flying by with steady white taillight and intermittent flashing white light in front of it, another white light on right landing gear and bluish-green light above and center of windshield which formed shape of multi-colored inverted triangle from my perspective. no numbers or insignia visible due to darkness. related or not,no way of knowing but very suspicious considering the context. i decided more powerful optics needed ,so dusted off my meade etx 90 ra maksutov-cassegrain scope the next day and mounted on a tripod for terrestrial mode viewing in anticipation of recurrence that night, which is what happened in same region but different location around the same timeframe.._

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Credit: MUFON

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