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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Derby, England on 2017-10-08 22:15:00 - They are above my home every night ,for the last 6 months

I am a pretty rational woman,i observed lights in the sky that are definitely not stars ,i thought ok i will take a look tomorrow night to see if they were still there ,and yes they were ,just round disc shaped objects with a window that very slowly turns as if looking around,i am 100% sure that what i am seeing is real,each night they are sometimes in different places and sometimes there are more and sometimes not so many,they are just above the clouds. one night i decided to wave and see what would happen, to see if they could see me ,as the craft was moving very slowly left to right but stationary ,it must of seen me as it turned and faced me for a good minute and then carried on doing what it was doing . now this is something else i have to tell you ,because when i try to educate people on what i see,its like they are not willing to acknowledge what im saying,ok one night for some reason i decided to take a pic of my back garden ,its not a thing i would normally do at night but when i enlarged the pic on my windows phone i captured something ,it looks like something was trying to not be seen as it tried to blend in with my garden fence ,there is a red like line that trailed around and behind it ,it looks kind of looks amphibian ,i swear this is no hoax i have the evidence on my phone,i also tried to take pics of the ufo's but for some reason my phone cant see them, evan though i can clearly see them,i have contacted you because i have to tell someone that will hopefully take me seriously about what i see and the pic i have.I hope i have put the right pic in as i am not very computor literate.

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Credit: MUFON

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