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Monday, October 23, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Metzerlen-Mariastein, Solothurn on 1991-09-14 18:15:00 - There were 3 lights over the church of metzerlen, i thought guys are lamping around. suddenly i remarked that the lamps shine from top down and move like a circle. then it was there same position over the church for 15 min, then flew sw slow over clouds.

1. i was a insurance broker and went to see my girlfriend by car. it was windy and very cloudy, very strange, never had that weahter after like a storm that does not begin. rain dropped every 30 sec a drop, this for hours at this evening/night. i came by car and saw the 3 lights over the church. first i thougt guys playing with lamps around. then i noticed that the lights came from top down (beam angle of a lamp)!!! i stare at it about 15 min. no other car passed no persons available on the streets it was like estinct. and the weather was so strange like never before like a thunderstorm that does not start, windy and very rare rainy drops during this time. suddenly the lights were gone from the position of the church. and i saw them seconds ago hovering over the clouds again the 3 lights. the special thing was, that the lights rotatet and all 3 lamps rotated as well, like a circle, really strange. and i think at this time no helicopter would start or even was used at the border to france from the gouvernment, military or the border police. i mean 1991 a long time and the techniques were not that high like today. so i saw the ufo (more the lights, because i could not identify a object behind the clouds but it was grey darked nighting, hoovering away from the church and really slow motion like gliding over the clouds direction to france over the hills direction sw (rodersdorf). the object stopped at the hills againg some more seconds to replay his circle lightning for about 30 seconds, then slow motion like flew away, so i could not see it anymore. i tried to contact friends, which lived there, they just asked me, what did you drink??? well at the end i must say nothing, of course, but it was more than mysterious... hope you can use that and please do not hesitate contacting me if you have more questions. best regards pascal

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Credit: MUFON

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