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Sunday, October 15, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Florida on 2017-10-13 03:46:00 - Doughnut shaped matte green glowing lights seem like engines. picture perfect sighting of the hull. left awe struck

First let me say wow!!! never been in such awe in my life at an engineering marvel i went outside at 3:48 am 10/13/2017 at 30°15'58.5"n 81°44'01.4"w i saw clear as day a diamond shaped object with a blunted rear. large cylindrical shaped matte green lights were similar to doughnut shaped circles that were phosphorescent but did not emit any light pollution outside of the light itself or within the center. it was not far i would estimate 500ft up or whatever the ceiling height of the cloud cover was. about 200 ft away. size of about six houses maybe as large as twelve in mass. i was awestruck at the magnificence and engineering that went into it. i could see the louver like body on the craft and the design was like plates were set similar to a red clay roof as if the heat was dispersed by the space behind each plate. the sound may be in the video however my ac unit could have caused that. i would pass any lie detector test on this i am 100% certain of what i saw. i am going to do my best to have an image rendered. i could pass a lie detector test on this. i was not open minded on this and grew up in bermuda. i am now very interested and am setting cameras up to record any anomalies. i have video however it may need some editing to be able to get a clear view of what i saw. i have tried to analyze the video and found some peculiar issues. i was completely awe struck. after about ten seconds i was able to look away to open the camera on my phone up. the light from the screen disrupted my focus. i took a video but the video is all black. i took another one to see why and the other video shows the clouds clearly . idk what happened but for a good 10 seconds i was frozen in awe at the engineering into it and finally allowed myself to look away from it. once i looked at my phone the light on the phone messed my focus up and the video was all black while i was recording. the audio part being in it really makes me question it. the video comes back into focus as i take the camera out of the view. last thing that gets me really thinking. the video with nothing at all on it is 2.38mb... the one with the clouds apparent is 965kb - the one with video on it should be higher. something isnt showing up. i need a video expert

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Credit: MUFON

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