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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

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Black Triangle Sighting in Bolton Gtr Manchester, England on 2014-03-31 03:00:00 - Tr3b

I was asleep in my back bedroom at my terrace house addfesss in halliwell bolton. the back room looks out over the back street, picture an opening scene for coronarion street back in the day? i felt/ heard a stranger buzz and humming noise and i froze to see a triangular craft pretty much directly above the houses, i would say maybe 3am, it was bright underneath and my eyes where in lots of glare, the craft tilted slowly almost as if whoever onboard knew i was watching, i watched as the angle slowly tilted down at the front point and as the angle changed and light focused more down at the rooftops, i could clearly see the shape of a floating triangle object in the sky. i was feeling all sorts of things, i don't know why i didnt grab my phone, i was on the floor kneeling at the window on a mattress on the floor. . i think i was in shock i don't know. after it finished tilting, it was basically posistioned as if the driver was looking directly back at me although i dont rememerb wat i saw exactly in detail (i don't recall windows) but i very clearly saw the shape of the dark triangle and lights on the 3 points and also i think running along the ship in succession. the craft very slowly floated backwards and towards the right slightly. i knew straight away the direction it was heading, back to the pennine mountain range north of bolton. it shrank in size as it drifted back into the moonlight, it must of been very clear because i watched it dissapeared to the size of a dot i after that experience this is the strange events after. some months after that event i moved back in with my parents before i left for america. this is by the bolton general hospital, a housing estate surrounded by a reservoir, i think the geographical location means we have a cloud free patch into the sky almost evenings. . i saw over the space of 2 weeks multiple "moving stars" low bright obs appear and disappear all of which i took notes in my iphone 6 which no longer will turn on. i moved to california in november 2014 and the first thing i seen from a san clamente balcony was a shooting star in an opposite path shooting from the ground out into sky, again in the direction of the oceanside base. i started to research as i became a little obsessed and that's when i discovered that a ship exists called tr3b

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Credit: MUFON

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