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Saturday, October 28, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Fenton, Missouri on 2017-10-15 22:12:00 - We were taking our nightly walk in fenton city park and witnessed a larger craft fly over the trail a few hundred feet in front of us, it was long, dark, and had three visible christmas tree colored green lights (the best i can describe the color).

My friend and i were taking our nightly walk for exercise and enjoying the weather on the main trail in fenton city park, which is open until 11pm. there were 2 things that were odd about this sighting, one of the off-putting occurances we didn't even put together until later after we were both home. we arrived at the park and began our walk around 9:10-9:15pm, we walk this trail very often and it normally takes us around a half-hour, give or take a few minutes. we were having a conversation when we noticed something coming over the dense treeline (the part of the trail we were on at the time is surrounded by trees), i would guess that whatever we saw was a few hundred feet in front of us and about the height of 2 to 2 and a half trees as it came over the trail. what we first noticed was the lights because it was so dark out that night, there were three of them and the best color i can describe them to would be the green you see on old fashioned christmas lights, only much dimmer. the lights were not bright at all and seemed a bit hazy. we could not see any other things which may have been on it but we could see the outline of its shape and the shadow of it under the slight amount of moonlight at the time. the outline looked completely black and we could not see any specific colors. initially, we thought this was an odd drone but that got dismissed because it made no noise like a drone, and it was very elongated and narrow and did not appear to have any wings. it flew over the trees and trail until we could no longer see it behind the trees. it was approximately the length of 2 cars. i would guess it was moving at around 20mph but that is very difficult to guess accurately. we just stopped and watched it as it passed in front of us and seemed to get caught in the moment. my phone shut off and restarted and i was unable to get a video or picture. we guestimate this happened around 10:12 because when we got back to the car the time was 10:22 and from the point in the trail we were it takes about 10 minutes to get back to the lot we were parked in. my friend also noticed her watch was no longer working when she got home. when i discussed this with someone when i got home they convinced me this was not a drone like we hoped it was, mostly because of the shape and its lack of noise. oddly, when my friend and i were putting the timeline together later that night we discovered there is about 23 to 30 minutes were are unable to account for and have since gone back to retrace our steps, and still cannot account for those minutes in time loss. i was told to report our sighting the night it happened but was afraid to come forward with it, until some showed me someone else saw it too. it was a desolate night and we had only passed 2 men at the beginning of our walk.

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Credit: MUFON

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