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Saturday, October 21, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Barstow/newhall, California on 2017-05-01 04:00:00 - Large sphere, glowed & pulsated bright white light, no sound, very low and slow.

on the afternoon of april 30th my wife and i left apple valley ca. to pick up our daughter in las vegas nev. via the i 15 no. the weather was a bit windy, clear and warm. while driving north we noticed that the southbound was packed & decided not to return via the i 15. as i hate bumper to bumper, packed freeways. after picking my daughter up we headed to laughlin nev. we fueled up there at about 1:15 to 1:30am may 1st and picked up i 40 west. my wife crawled into the back seat and fell asleep. my daughter and i started to talk and catch up as we haven't seen each other for about a year. after being on i 40 for about an hour or so i had spotted a bright pulsating white light just southwest of the i 40 at an altitude of about 4,000'to 5000' or so and 25 to 35 miles of us. i observed it for a bout 25 to 40 minutes or so . my daughter noticed that i was fixated on this and ask whats up pop? i replied "that light over there". she then said it's just a beacon light on the top of a mountain, right?? i told her that i have traveled this hwy before and their are no mountains that are high to warant a beacon light nor have i seen one as large as this. about this time we entered a stretch of hwy that was undergoing construction. around this time the light simultaneously started slowly moving and decending due north. at about a 1,000' south of i 40 then started heading northeast. about this time she started to look at me and say, "what the f is that" she doesn't believe in ufo's. the object then started to again move slowly north east until it reached the middle of the i 40 media at an altitude of 150' to 200' moving at a very slow speed. i estimate 30mph give or take 10 or so. it continued to pulsate then moved due east between the east and west bound lanes. it was about 25' to 35' in diameter and lit the hood up on our vehical. we were as as near as 200' to 400' of this object. now my daughter was in a somewhat elevated tone saying "holy sh#t what the f is that?" over and over again. i rolled my window down an it didn't make a sound. my daughter started to dig through her carry-on's to get her camera. by the time she got it it was behind us and we couldn't get a pic. i was going to park on the side of the freeway but due to construction and speedy big rigs i thought it extremely unwise. i actually tried to find a spot and turn around and follow it, couldn't. it continued to travel east bound at that altitude and we lost it. someone else had to of report this as their was lots of traffic mostly big rigs at this time of the morning about 3:45am at about 20 to 30 miles outside of barstow ca. i hope i'm not the only one that reported this. sorry i'm so late with this. pardon for any mispelling's as we are watching grandkids today ps i could of hit this with a rock, sooo close.

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Credit: MUFON

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