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Friday, October 6, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Cuba, New Mexico on 2017-08-25 00:00:00 - Encounter 2 beings that appeared inside craft. both me and my wife witnessed them.

On august 25, 2017 my wife and i were traveling southern east on new mexico highway 550 in our motorhome. we were about 30 miles northwest of cuba nm when we left the highway for a short time looking for a camp ground. after realizing the camp ground was 35 miles south and out into the desert we returned to highway 550. shortly after returning to the highway we we're crushing at about 60 mph and we we're quite, not talking. i had noticed before the event that we we're intering an area where they had cut away a area of a high hill that seemed to leave a 40 to 60 ft high cliff on the north side of the road. as we came close ti where the event occurred the only thing in sight was a truck coming which was about a quarter mile away. as we interred the area if the cliffs i noticed a flash of white light that came from my left, i instinctly loomed to my left. i saw 2 creatures setting about a foot apart inside of a craft. they we're with in 30 ft if us and got closer as i passed by. there seemed to be no windshield as we would call it. they we're dressed in a light green matching uniform. behind them was a panel of what i would call "heaving light". the creature in my left saw me out if thr corner of his eye and made a strange facial expression and turned his head toward me, and in a flash, they disappeared. i saw thr small control panel his eyes in detail, his left hand, their slim body. i saw inside the vessel and was amazed with how beautiful it was. i could not see the outside shape of the vessel, but i did see everything inside. my wife says they went back into the cliff, i do feel the craft turned away from me. but where it went i don't know.

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Credit: MUFON

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