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Sunday, October 8, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Wellington, Kansas on 2017-10-08 15:20:00 - wellington turnpike entrance heading north @ 75 mph. it was bright, easy to see, stationary. a few other cars pulled over to observe.

We were heading home from a weekend with family in okc, ok. we had been looking at all the wind turbine fields and had just passed a field that was on both sides of the highway. i was driving (wife). i just saw it, thinking it was a plane. it didn’t move, so i thought it may be a helicopter. it still didn’t move so i said something to my husband. after laughing about it being unknown, he dismissed it from being any kind of balloon, large or small. i convinced him to try taking pictures (he didn’t want me to stop). it was a beautiful bright clear day. this object did not move. we could see no wires, nor tethers of any kind, holding it up, or in place. it did not waver, or act like a balloon moving in the wind. there was no tear drop appearance like a weather balloon, nor hot air balloon. it was approximately 1:00 high as we moved north. it was east of the turnpike. it was large. i saw it for several miles ne of our position as we drove north. i know this because we had been talking about it for several minutes when i saw the turnpike sign saying the toll booth was two miles ahead. my husband thinks it was around 1-3 miles east of the highway. because we didn’t stop, we didn’t get too much detail. it was totally a white orb, except a bit grayer underneath, i assume, due to shadowing. we didn’t see any air disturbance. as we moved north, tree tops along the highway can be seen. my husband estimates them to be 35-45 feel tall. power lines next to the highway can be seen, as well. it seemed to be above the fields. several other cars pulled over on the north and south side of the toll plaza, we think possibly to observe it, as well. this is conjecture. the highway was very busy. anyone looking up could see it. upon getting home and unpacking we checked the “live” photos my husband took from his iphone 7. any movement seen is from our speed along the highway and his hands holding the phone. this thing did not move. also, as we zoomed in on the photos he took, dark spots can be seen here and there around the edges of the orb. this may be very explainable, but we have no ideas. we have not edited these photos in any way.

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Credit: MUFON

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