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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Abbotsford, British Columbia on 2017-07-21 02:15:00 - Very late at night while on highway home, almost no traffic, noticed this object to my left from my drivers window. it was running parallel to me.

I was traveling to my home in abbotsford, from coquitlam, b.C. it was very dark, about 2 am, no lights of any kind except the vehicle. i was alone coming from a dance after dropping off my date. a light suddenly caught my eye and i glanced to my left and flying parallel to me at same speed of 100kph, and about 1500 feet up was a white disc, with a large red spot on the underside center. at first i thought of instrument panel reflection, so i gave a quick turn off of my lights, but it was still there. i switched back on. that is when i became nervous, having heard of abductions. i accelerated up to 140kph, and it kept pace. same level. i wanted to stop and see what happened if i did. i thought of taking a photo of it. but decided i was safer in the car. where is a cop when you need one? after about 8 minutes it began to change. a blue ring appeared around the outside edge. the red remained lit. then it began to rise up slowly, a a 45 degree angle remaining flat.I watched as it slowly rose into the black sky and disappeared. i did not slow down all the way home. my daughter has told me she did see a black triangular one one night in vancouver b.C. it had a white light at the three corners. made no sound just glided overhead about 2000 feet above. she was not in a vehicle, but on foot.

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Credit: MUFON

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